Sunday, November 16, 2008

hanging in

A week to go. I know every relationship struggles with big life changes. Our relationship is damaged enough that tough things have an impact. We talked it through today, I don't know if it'll help over these next few weeks but I hope so. He is trying. I am trying.

You know what is really, really good? Chocolate ice cream with pepsi. Good stuff.


Tash said...

Chocolate Ice Cream with Pepsi? You are in a bad way, aren't you.

Hang in. And make a chocolate malted already.

Astarte said...

As in, like a float? Or in a bowl with a glass of soda nearby? Hmmm.

I hope everything pulls together. You deserve peace.

niobe said...

Another thing that's pretty good is shortbread cookies.

CLC said...

Choc ice cream and Pepsi? Wow, that's a new one.

Thinking of you.