Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some days

Things just don't click. I don't know what it is, but I'm on the couch mad and frustrated by my husband. He's on the couch mad and frustrated at me. We've just been off kilter all day today. He's been in a bad mood, and I've had enough of his bad mood.


I thought it would be a while before we had a day like this. I thought it would be after baby, when we were exhausted and sleep deprived and on each other's nerves and my parents were hanging around and our daughter was acting up.



Kymberli said...

Yuck. I hate days like that.

k@lakly said...

Yea, some days you just have to spend in isolation, the bad moods seem to feed off each other. I hate those days too.

Tash said...

I've had these days too.

Which just goes to show, people have these days even during the best of marriages. Could be just late-pregnancy general ennui. Hang tight.

Astarte said...

Hello, you're a million months pregnant!!! That in itself means that you have the right to be Totally Pissy about everything!

DH and I have these days, too, mostly with me being annoyed, him being bewildered, me feeling guilty, and then annoyed because I'm guilty... then I feel better and HE gets mad. Go figure.