Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment at the hospital. I cannot believe how quickly these last few days are flying by. Meanwhile, tonight we went to a neighborhood meeting about school options for our daughter. Open houses for public and private schools start up in November and run through January. So in addition to juggling the newborn, we have to really think about what to do about school. She's eligible for pre-K in the fall, but there are still pre-schools, or keeping the nanny and taking extra classes (music, dance, sports) to fill a few mornings. Public schools. Magnet schools. Private schools of varying stripes. Parochial schools. Or.. or.. or.... there are too many choices. No wonder I have no time to think.

I wonder if the hospital has joined the 21st century and has wireless. Probably not, given the interference with medical devices issue. But that would be nice. I have visions of sitting around for several hours tomorrow while they do who knows what to me. Not like I had pre-op work done before my daughter's delivery. Somehow that managed to work out just fine.


CLC said...

Good luck tomorrow. I am on pins and needles for you. What do they do at pre-op?

Mimi said...

I want to say what hospital doesn't by now? I'll cross your fingers for you if you bring you laptop just in case? When I had my youngest 3 years ago I knew they'd be high tech there and brought not only my lapop but my photo printer too! Heck, 3 days is a long time with no internet! Not if I can help it!

Hopefully you'll have another chance to post before Monday... if not then wishing you all the best!

Lauren said...

AuPairCare is a fantastic au pair agency that many families in my area have been very happy with. Au pairs are not only more flexible than nannies, but they are cheaper too!! Plus I have only heard raves about AuPaircare's local service/support.