Saturday, November 8, 2008

the gift that keeps on giving

Last night I had 'mom's night out' dinner with my mom's group. Nearly everyone has a second child or is currently pregnant. One of our friends just had her second, and the first born, who already has a strong personality, is not taking it well. One of my friends said, just think, for your child, it's just like your husband brings home another woman and tells you, I still love you, but I love her, too, and she's here to stay.


I just smiled and laughed along with everyone else.


Dora said...

FUCK! Does she know about your situation?

NO, not the same!!

Sorry you couldn't even have a strong drink after hearing that.

Antigone said...

I wish I were an only child.

k@lakly said...

Oh god...seriously. I think I would have spit an olive on her, on accident of course, a reflex...

Sorry you couldn't have a stiff one after that, you deserved it.


Tash said...

Oh for fuck's sake. Permission to jam a donut down her gullet?