Monday, November 12, 2007

not working

Today is officially a holiday at my job - Veteran's Day. I'm lucky to work at a place that gives all federal holidays off.

In an attempt to give my husband more space, though, I'm in the office. I've lined up a list of things I want to talk through at the counseling session tomorrow. It's a full page, so not sure we'll get through everything.

Otherwise, I am sitting here not working. I have some medical reimbursements I really should put in. I have some actual work I am waaaaay behind on.

And yet, I'm checking blogs, eating lunch, shuffling some things around on my desk - everything but working.

I did talk to a friend who is a psychologist. She specializes in workplace dynamics. That's not the right description - I can't think of the term. Organization management? Yeah, that's probably right. We talked through my job offer. In all seriousness, if not for the mess that is my personal life, I'd be jumping on this job.

Given my various appointments (counseling for myself and joint), and all the myriad other things going on, can I really handle a tremendous jump in responsibility? While learning to juggle being a single mom?

I think I hope to gain some concessions from my husband tomorrow - commitments to support - both financially and more importantly in time spent with - my daughter and me.

We shall see.

Tonight I am going out for drinks with a friend. I haven't seen her since September, so, my poor dear friend, I will have a lot to talk about.

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